Vision Mission


Support children of martyrs by identifying the needy. We will provide post-trauma counselling and 100% funding of education of intervened children.

Empower adolescent girls (15 -18 years) by improving their socio-economic development. This will be achieved by providing education in hygiene, nutrition and motivate them to complete their education.

Reverse city air by planting unlimited trees. According to World Health Organisation 15 – 20 million people in India have asthma. We are committed to changing that by planting trees and educating on the importance of green cover.



Honesty, honour and truth direct our work. We will, at all times, uphold the GGF vision and mission.


Through creative ideas that are viable and implementable, we will bring about sustainable change.


We will work with entrepreneurial zeal for achieving organisational objectives.


We shall be committed to providing great services to beneficiaries, society and other key stakeholders by means of initiatives that impact lives within and outside the organisation.


Through collaboration, we multiply our contribution. We will always be united as a team, upholding our core purpose, co-operating and always honouring each other’s commitments.


Our commitment to internal and external stakeholders will be unwavering. We are will honour diversity of people, ideas and culture.


We will acknowledge responsibility for our actions, services, decisions, and policies, applicable to both individual accountability on the part of employees and accountability of the organisationas a whole.


We will be upfront about the actions we undertake and ensure they are consistent with GGF values.


Only empowered people can empower others. Our employees will be crafted into leaders through our error-embracing and encouraging work environment.


We will ensure the health and safety of all employees and will go beyond the legal requirements to provide an accident-free workplace.