“Prerna, how was school?”, her paternal aunt asked in a sunny voice as the child entered the living room of the house carrying a school bag swelling with books. “It was good, bua”, the 12-year old said with a sweet smile and after warmly greeting us, sat down next to her aunt. Prerna stays in her paternal aunt’s house.

“This is her home now”, her aunt opined. “We may not be her parents, but we are trying to give what her parents would have wanted”, she said as she smoothly took off Prerna’s school ribbons and undid her plaits.

She was only 7 years old when her brave father sacrificed his life for the country and only 10 when her mother also passed away. Since then it has only been her brother and her, but she only sees him when she goes to the village for holidays.

Her memories of days spent with her family are still fresh. She fondly remembers celebrating Diwali together with themand eating her favourite sweets, which her father especially brought for her. Prerna also related the incident when she got lost in a rush outside a temple and was found by her father. “I remember the look of anxiety mixed with happiness on his face when he found me. I was never so happy to be with my family as I was at that moment” she reminisced. But life had other plans.

“I miss my parents a lot, but I am lucky to have gotten relatives who care about me”,Prerna said, with a tinge of maturity beyond her age. “Right now it’s all about studies for me, and I would like to become a doctor when I grow up”, she revealed, adding that her favourite subjects are Science and Mathematics.She is in 8th grade and is taking tuitions in all subjects to leave no stoned unturned in preparing for her exams.


At school she is doing quite well – in fact, her class teacher termed her as a “bright student” who performs equally well in academics and co–curricular activities like dancing and poetry reading. “She has a lot of potential and is hardworking; she will undoubtedly succeed”, he pronounced.

If we sit back and imagine a young girl who has lost both her parents, it’s a sad looking person that comes to mind. But Prerna has an indomitable spirit and is motivated to do her parents proud, with a little help from her relatives. We are sure she will soar high!

GGF: The foundation takes pride in standing by the proud children of real Heroes of India. The foundation will fund the entire education of these children, from school to college and realise the dreams Martyrs had in mind for their children. The foundation believes that education is the key which can open millions of doors.