Pankh Programme

Problem Description

The condition of the daughters of FSWs is adverse and they are forced into prostitution because of the environment and surroundings they are living in. Their kids due to lack of aspiration and opportunities are following their mothers and often pick the same path. These children don’t have the access to quality education, nutritious food, and proper care & support from mothers which they require for their holistic development. Gautam Gambhir Foundation has decided to step in this process of development to provide the best environment possible for the growth of these kids.

About the PANKH Programme

GGF is committed to safeguard the future of FSW’s daughters and break the loop for this generation. We continue to support their Education, Health, Nutrition, Counseling, Shelter, etc. of the daughters of FSW’s with the long-term objective to support them in making their future and becoming independent women.

  • We provide 100% funding support to the daughters of FSWs for their holistic development.
  • We empower FSW’s to support their daughters to break the loop.

Six Pillars of Holistic Development

We will be directly supporting the daughters of FSW’s in their holistic development and providing them the support of six pillars:

  • Education
  • Nourishment
  • Care & Support
  • Counseling
  • Shelter
  • Co-curricular

Geographical Coverage in 2020

Gautam Gambhir Foundation will be working with 25 daughters of FSWs in Delhi under the programme “PANKH”. This programme is started this year in 2020 and involves working on the holistic development of Girls to break the loop.

Outcome of the Programme

  • 25 daughters of the FSW’s will be benefited from this programme.
  • They will receive complete academic support which can be monitored through their academic performance.
  • Children will get Nutritious food which can be represented through their BMI Test.
  • Children will receive Care, support, and Counselling for their mental, Emotional & Psychological development.
  • Children will engage in Co-curricular activities which will develop their social skills.