Annual Family Forum “Salute To Martyrs”

Annual Family Forum “Salute To Martyrs”

Date- 30th Nov & 1st Dec 2019

Organized By : Gautam Gambhir Foundation
Supported By : Ratnakar Bank Limited (RBL)


Day- 1st (Saturday)

Date- 30th November 2019

The Annual Family Forum with the theme of “Salute to Martyr’s” was organized for beneficiaries by Gautam Gambhir Foundation which was supported by Ratnakar Bank Limited. 50 children from 29 families of Martyrs who sacrificed their lives to safeguard country have participated in the event.

On the first day, all participants reached Delhi and a get-to-gather has been organized for the families at Petal Banquet Hall, Naraina in the evening. While honouring the family members Mr Gautam Gambhir, Manager Trustee of the foundation said: “one thing I would like to say is that I am blessed with a fabulous team and I want to congratulate GGF because I have always believed in “walk the talk” as just talking or doing lip service is not going to do any impact in the society. GGF took away a lot of pressure from my shoulder as well. Now we have decided to organise a dinner every year when all kids and families can interact among themselves and at the same time, we can do something about them later on. Last year when we organized the dinner for the kids we took them for an IPL match they enjoyed very much. This year, we plan to take them around Delhi and they can see all the important spots in the city and so hopefully they can enjoy that as well. Further, he added that has been the base of the foundation to help the children with their education and that is the minimum that we can do for them for what the Martyr’s and their families have done. This is the least what we can do and if they can achieve their dreams what will be the biggest satisfaction”.

Mr. Gautam Gambhir interacted with beneficiaries. They shared their views towards Foundation; they said they are very thankful to Mr. Gautam Gambhir for providing them assistance through quality education formal or in-formal. All family members felt glad after meeting him. At the end of the day, everyone enjoyed a meal together at dinner.

Day- 2nd (Sunday)

Date- 1st December 2019

On the second day of the annual family forum, “Delhi Darshan” was organized; people were very excited to see Delhi because so many of them came first time to Delhi, so happiness could be seen on their faces. Post breakfast, everybody went for “Delhi Darshan” by bus after meeting with Gautam Gambhir again. Everyone met & interacted with him and his wife Mrs Natasha Gambhir, Treasurer of Foundation.

The first destination was India Gate, the motive behind the same is to show participants “Flame of the immortal soldier” (Amar Jawan Jyoti) at India Gate which is pay homage to the dead and unknown soldiers & indicates every soldier alive in that flame, and families can directly connect their emotions with continuously burning flame. Afterwards, everyone moved towards War memorial which was also situated there, the speciality of that place was the names of armed forces personnel martyred during the armed conflicts and other operations are inscribed on the memorial walls. Families felt grateful to see reverence which is given by Country to their Martyrs.

Further, we moved for Nehru Memorial Museum at Teen Murti Marg, where families could know about India’s first Prime Minister Mr Jawaharlal Nehru, who was the leader during India’s struggle for freedom. The architect of modern India and a passionate champion of world peace. The Museum has been developed as a personalia museum.

After Lunch, people took rest for some time to freshen up. All went to the Waste to Wonders Park at Sarai Kale Khan in the evening. It was a unique theme park because that was the world’s first theme with all the seven wonders replicated using waste products which were required to be shown during Delhi Darshan. There was energy in that place which was positively reflecting on the families & children’s faces.

In the evening everyone came back from “Delhi Darshan”. At last, everybody went for dinner. Last but not the least Mrs. Seema Gambhir, Managing Trustee of foundation met with all the families and children’s of the martyrs and thanked every participants for paying their presence in this event.


  1. During this beautiful journey with beneficiaries, we have observed many positive changes in children as well as mothers also. They were more interactive and more communicative in comparison to last year. This time they engaged within a group where they loved to spend time with each other because they share their mutual feelings.
  2. As we saw last year that some children were traumatized due to martyrdom of their father, GGF helped them to overcome from it through psychological support, as a result, they are able to understand that GGF makes them more focused towards their career. Children were sincere about their study & discussed their queries with the team.
  3. The families are now more open and friendly with GGF team, because GGF team interacted with the families more enthusiastically, respect their emotions & feelings.
  4. Martyrs’ wives were seen being stronger than before, they were able to enhance their fighting spirit, always stand for the future of children and prove themselves to fight against society for themselves and their children.



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