Annual Family Forum “Salute to Martyrs”

Annual Family Forum “Salute to Martyrs”

Date- 21st Feb & 23rd Dec 2020


Organized By : Gautam Gambhir Foundation
Supported By : The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL)

Day- 1st (Friday)

Date- 21st February 2020

The Annual Family Forum with the theme of “Salute to Martyr’s” was organized for beneficiaries by Gautam Gambhir Foundation which was supported by IHCL. 40 children from 21 families of Martyrs who sacrificed their lives to safeguard country have participated in the event.

On the first day, all participants reached Delhi and post lunch, “Delhi Darshan” was organized; people were very excited to see Delhi because many of them came first time to Delhi, so happiness could be seen on their faces. We have started our journey from Hotel Good times and all the families including GGF team went “Akshardham” which is well known place among tourists. It is hailed as a place of purity and peace. The entire group divided in three parts which is headed by the GGF Team and “Akshardham” representatives. Each element of Akshardham echoes smooth environment, Exhibitions and even the Gardens. Whether we are serving the family, the country our neighbours or all living beings the world over, each service can help one move towards divinity. A visit to Akshardham is enriching experience for the Children and Wife’s of Martyr. During their visit to Akshardham we came to know from the Wife’s of Martyr that they heard about this place and his beauty but in reality it is more beautiful and good exposure for their children in terms of their learning about new thematic areas. Some of the Children said they want to come again to visit this place because it is very big and beautiful to spend their entire day.

At the end we have seen Sahaj Anand Multimedia water show which is a replica of grand traditional, Step wells. At the head of the step-well is the 27 feet tall bronze murti of Neelkanth Varni. He presides over the step-well inspiring determination and courage in all who catch his sight. The Sound and light show is one of the centre point in Aakshardham and Children visited with GGF Team enjoyed this show. They were continuously smiling during the Program and time to time interacting with their mother and telling about the different animation, Light and Sound which is used in the show

After completing our 1st Day Delhi Darshan visit all the families including children and GGF team returned back to the Hotel Good times where we have planned dinner for the families and the children and the day ended up with joy.

Day 2nd (Saturday) 

Date- 22nd February 2020

The 2ndday of the family forum started with the breakfast of the children and family members followed by delicious lunch which is organised by the GGF team. Also, get-to-gather has been organized for the families at Petal Banquet Hall, Naraina in the evening. While honouring the family members Mr. Gautam Gambhir, Manager Trustee of the foundation said: “Making these angels smile is one of the biggest achievement of my life. I am blessed with a fabulous team and I want to congratulate GGF because for his work. GGF took away a lot of pressure from my shoulder as well.

GGF bring all the Martyrs families in one platform and organise a dinner every year when all kids and families can interact among themselves and at the same time, we can do something about them later on. Last year, when we organized the dinner for the kids we took them for an IPL match they enjoyed very much. This year, we have organised “Delhi Darshan” and they can see all the important spots in the city and so hopefully they can enjoy that as well. This is the least what we can do and if they can achieve their dreams what will be the biggest satisfaction”.

Mr. Gautam Gambhir interacted with Children and wives of Martyr to motive them and beneficiaries shared their views towards Foundation; Family Forum participants said they are very thankful to Mr. Gautam Gambhir for providing them Education Financial assistance to their Children’s through quality education formal or in-formal.

After completing the meeting 45-minute puppet show was organised for the children. The Puppets show offer children an engaging way to interact and explore their knowledge and understanding of the world. At the end of the day, everyone enjoyed a meal together at dinner.

Day 3rd (Sunday) 

Date- 23rd February 2020

After completing our visit from the planetarium we headed towards Lodhi garden which is a city park at Lodhi estate, new Delhi. Spread over 90 acres it contains, Mohammed shah’s tomb, the tomb of Sikandar Lodi, shisha gum bad and bara gum bad, architectural works of the 15th century by Lodis. This place was selected to aware children about our Indian culture and story. Children and family members spent their precious time at this place by looking at a beautiful garden, flowers and Athpula bridge which available in the city park. As per the plan children and family members enjoyed their lunch in the park with GGF team.

Further, we moved towards Taj, Gurugram situated Sector 44 Haryana were we have planned Magic show, evening snacks and Dinner for Children, Wife’s and they’re supportive. After reaching the Taj, Gurugram all the children and family members were welcomed by the Taj, Gurugram representative and GGF Team. Delicious evening snacks were served to them followed by 45 minutes magic show which was enjoyed by children a lot. They also participated in the magic show and played together, wives of Martyr interacted together and they shuffled themselves to know each other.

In the end, they enjoyed the dinner and we came back from our Delhi Darshan to hotel good times. We found all the family members and children happy with this family forum event and children told they want to come again next year and GGF team thanked every participant for paying their presence in this event.


1. The families are now more open and friendly with GGF team, because GGF team interacted with the families more enthusiastically, respect their emotions & feelings

2. This family forum event helped children’s and wives of a martyr from different family to come together and make friends and to know each other.

3. It is observed during the family forum that children’s were interactive, in less span of time, they become friends even if there is a language barrier and shared their contact numbers with each other.

4. During our home visit, we saw some children were traumatized due to martyrdom of their father, GGF helped them to overcome from it through psychological support, as a result, they are able to understand that GGF makes them more focused towards their career. Children were sincere about their study & discussed their queries with the team.

5. During this beautiful journey with beneficiaries, we have observed many positive changes in children, as well as wife, ’s also. They engaged within a group where they loved to spend time with each other because
they share their mutual feelings.

6. It is observed during “Delhi Darshan” that children and wife’s of martyr enjoyed a lot because they understood they are not alone in this world.

Photographs of the Family Forum