When Tanmay father was martyred in 2016 he had no idea what the commotion at home was about. He was only three years old and no one dared to break the news about his father, but today he knows about the tragedy. Pictures of his father in uniform adorn the walls of the house Tanmay lives in with his mother and brother. The family lives in Uttar Pradesh.

His mother said that initially Tanmay missed his father a lot and wanted to speak to him over the phone. But now he has understood that his father cannot speak to him anymore, nor will he be able to come for any of his birthdays.
“Tanmay being the youngest son was pampered a lot by his father. He used to talk to him often while he was away”, his mother recounted.

5-year old Tanmay is energetic with a naughty smile. He studies in 1st standard at a nearby school and like all kids his age he likes to be more in the playground than in the classroom. When it comes to studies Maths, Hindi and English are his favorite subjects. The reason? Because they are easy for him to understand and memorise! But it is computers that interest him the most and wants to learn more about.

When we mentioned his father to Tanmay his smile faded and eyes moistened as he recalled the fun times with his father. He looked forward to the fun he had with his father when he came home for holidays; his favourite memory is when his father gave him a cycle on his 3rd birthday. Unfortunately, that was the last holiday they spent together, but Tanmay mentioned that he would never forget the love of his father.
His mother, all of 36, is managing the house without the support of his father, but she has a clear goal of giving good education to her children.

“The children are my greatest strengths now and I am working hard to give them a good life. I want them to grow up and make their father proud,” she concluded.
Hats off to the families of our brave soldiers who face tragedies with a smile on their faces and strength in their hearts.