Life Goes On

Simran has spent a large part of her growing up years in the army residential quarters in the routine and structured lifestyle after she was adopted at the age of 8. The values of patriotism, strong sense of duty are attributes that has been inculcated in her since then. But in spite of that, she has been very deeply struck by the grief of her father’s demise although she hides her pain behind the shield of her strong and composed demeanor.

Simran is the daughter of martyr XXXXXXX who was posted as an inspector of the XXXXXX and gave up his life defending the country on the 25th of April 2017. Even though the family of an army personnel knows the harsh truth that this is a day for which they must always be mentally prepared. But the weightage of loss can be felt only by the ones it is borne by.

The family of three, Simarnjeet, her mother Baljeet Kaur and her elder brother Amritbir Singh, is still recovering from the shock. While Amritbir is in his final year of, 14 year old Simranjeet has a long road ahead of her to cover. She is studying in class ninth.

In course of our conversation with her class teacher we got to know that this student of 8th standard has not only been good in studies but have also taken active part in extracurricular activities throughout. She is skilled dancer and is adept at managing school events. She has been a member of the Nirmal Sena under the Swach Bharat mission.

Her teacher also told us that right after this incident the child became very disturbed which was apparently visible. But gradually she is getting a hold of the situation and also herself and that has started showing it’s reflection in her overall performance.

Simranjeet’s mother too was initially a bit worried about her kid since the otherwise introvert girl started showing sudden signs of aggressiveness that was very unlikely of her. She became way more closed regarding communication with everyone around. But now she too feels that the situation is gradually getting normalized.

While we talked to Simranjeet she came across as a calm and composed lady who is ready for any challenge that this life may throw at her. She aspires to become a teacher when she grows up. We will always hope that she fulfills all her dreams.