Dreams don’t Die

Rohan father had recently learnt to drive, this time when his father came home on leave he took the entire family on an outing. Rohan still can’t get over the fun they all had in this trip. It has become most cherished memory that Rohan has now. Memories are all he is left with, of his father, since 25th April 2017; the fateful day when constable XXXXXXX achieved martyrdom while protecting the country. This adolescent boy of 17 had to cope up with the biggest loss of his life at such a tender age. Although the family of a defense personnel is always ready for this day, that doesn’t lessen the pain of their loss.

But then Rohan was at such a juncture of life, studying in 12th standard with his board exam coming up in less than a year’s time, he had no other option than to take a grip of himself. He is also aware of the responsibilities he have towards his mother and younger sister in his father’s absence. The proximity of their residence in Karnal to the house of his maternal grandparents has been of great help to overcome the tough times.

Although he is yet to completely recover from the bereavement, Rohan is focused on fulfilling the dream his father saw for him; of becoming an IAS officer. In fact he also wanted to pursue this role since childhood. This bright student of Kendriya Vidyalaya has been an ardent cricket fan and when he is not studying he loves to go for a game with his friends. He also has a keen ear for music.

But right now his complete focus is towards his studies as he will be appearing for his board exam on March 2018. Perhaps, he will be sitting in examination hall while this article will be getting published. After passing the exam, Rohan would like to go for B.Sc. in chemistry, organic chemistry being his favorite subject. Alongside he would also like prepare himself for the IAS exam.

Even though the path he has selected is a tough one and requires a lot of hard work and training, the kind of confidence and determination we saw in him in the course of our conversation ensured us that he will definitely succeed. Our best wishes are with him for his ongoing board exam and all other exams that he has to face in life.