It has been one year since Piku heard her father’s voice, told him about her day at school, hugged and laughed with him, saw him in the flesh in his uniform.

Life was complete two years ago, but since her father was martyred she has been trying to come to terms with the harsh truth that he will not come back. And that is why Piku is striving harder to achieve the dreams he had for her.

A 19-year old girl from Tripura, she is the eldest of three siblings and feels responsible to look after the family by taking on the role of her father in the family. Her ambition is to become a teacher and currently, she is pursuing BSc in BioScience. She tells us that she had to fight to continue her education as the larger family wanted her to marry instead.

This opinion of her relatives is in stark contrast with the vision of her father; he wanted her to study well and was very interested in her academic performance. It is her mother who supports her endlessly despite being rebuked by the relatives.

“The family taunts my mother for bearing three daughters and no son and she has braved everything for our sake. It is our turn now to repay the sacrifices she has made“, Piku says with a confident look on her face. She is determined to complete her education and fulfill the dreams her parents have for her. Piku is a good student and is a trained classical singer and has won many prizes at school.

It hasn’t been easy for Piku’s mother in the last one year. Her husband was the greatest source of strength and after his martyrdom, she finds herself alone but she is proud of her brave husband. Tears roll down her eyes when she explains how much it pains her that she could not even hear his voice before he left them. On the day he died she tried calling him but his phone was out of connection area, which sent shivers down her spine. She expected the worst and true enough, it came true.

Piku is very proud of her father’s service to the nation and wants to follow in his footsteps in working selflessly, hence her decision to become a teacher. She also hopes to build a house for her family and install a statue of her father to commemorate him.

“Papa was a great man and it is my dream to fight all challenges to brighten his name“, Piku concludes by giving a big hug to her mother.

It is in the dark sky that stars shine the brightest…