15 – year old Nishita has a singular goal in life: to become a doctor. And she is ready to work hard for it. She wakes up at 5:30 am every day to go over her lessons for the day, goes to school, and then studies till 11 am at night.

“A few years of hardwork will result in a lifetime of happiness” she says with a sweet smile and maturity that goes beyond an innocent looking teenager.

The child’s rare sense of responsibility is pleasantly surprising, but ask her mother and she’d tell how much Nishita has matured since her father was martyred two years ago. At the age of 13, Nishita had lost her father at the hands of the enemies of the nation in Kashmir. Recalling her days with her father she says when her father came home (in Himachal Pradesh) the family felt complete. She and her younger sister would spend all the time with him and listen spellbound to his stories from the barracks.

“It was he who saw Nishita as a doctor. He was convinced that she can become a good doctor and slowly it became her dream. The seed of Nishita’s dream was sown by her father”her mother tells us with moist eyes and a proud smile. She wants to honour his memory by donning the white coat. A good school is important in preparing for good results and Nishita likes hers a lot. She is happy that the teachers teach well and pay attention to every student – a must in the final years of school. Nishita likes learning with her classmates and especially enjoys Biology. Her class teacher says“Nishita is a bright girl and mingles well with her classmates. We are proud of her academic record”. The private school is well structured and disciplined.

We firmly believe Nishita will achieve her dreams and make her parents proud.