Little Steps Marches Ahead

14 year old Laveena stays in a small city in Haryana with her mother and brother. Unlike other children of her age, she grew up without the careful protective shield that is provided by a father. She got used to seeing her father when he was on leaves and knew that she needs to bid a cheerful goodbye when her father returns to his job of protecting the country. She perhaps never thought that the time for a final goodbye was fast approaching.

On 25th April 2017 constable XXXXXXXX got martyred while protecting the nation. The news struck his family like a thunderbolt. But being the family of defense personnel they stood strong in the face of grief. Laveena, being in such a tender age, was most affected. The introvert kid suddenly started showing signs of aggression and at other times she turned non-communicative.

But as time passed by she started recovering slowly. The 9th standard student of KendriyaVidyalaya again gained back her focus in life. Just like most of the other kids mathematics is a subject that she dreads. English on the other hand is her favorite. In spite of being introvert, she has a number of friends in school and on being asked she said that she would like to continue in this school till 12th standard.

Laveena is an extremely bright student and has topped her class in the last examination. She scores 85-90% in mathematics in which, according to her, she is the weakest! In all other subjects she scores above 90%. Apart from studies, she is also good in sports and has represented her school in shotput and hurdle race in the regional level. She wants to take up commerce after 10th and has expressed the desire to become a lecturer in future. Her father had also seen the same dreams for her.

With the kind of focus and talent that Laveena is gifted with we don’t have any doubts about the fact that she will successfully fulfill the dream that she and her father shared.