Krishna, the 7-year old child from a small town in Tamil Nadu loves his father like any other child, but unfortunately, he will never see him anymore to tell him that. In fact, he doesn’t even talk to his mother about him anymore lest it should make her sad. Instead, he breaks into a bright sweet smile that uplifts his mother spirits.

He is proud that his father was a brave soldier who gave up his life to protect the country. Even though his father stayed away from home because of his duty, he often spoke to Krishna over the phone. His mother recalls that once when his father asked what he wanted for his birthday Krishna, without losing a heartbeat, said that he wanted him to come home for his birthday. She tells us that that conversation between the father and son was very emotional as Krishna wanted to spend time with his father who he considered a hero.

After the tragedy, the young boy is trying to set a good example for his 3-year old sister who looks upto him. She is his best companion and they play a lot together that fill up the house with adorable giggles and gurgles.
“They are the focus of my attention”, his mother says while her kids play around her. “I am happy when they are happy, and it is my mission to give them a good life”, she says further and also mentions that she has chosen to stay in a rented house close to their school.

Krishna likes going to school and studying Mathematics. A good-natured boy (as quoted by his teachers) he is a tad shy in front of his teachers, but popular amongst his friends. He is also often seen participating in extracurricular activities like athletics and music.

On asking him what he wants to become when he grows up he immediately says “Doctor!”. He wants to heal the poor and make everyone happy by keeping them near to their loved ones, he says.

The loss of his father was a big emotional set back for Krishna, but it was due to his mother’s strength that he is today a happy child again who is looking forward to a successful life.

“I was scared that he will be depressed for a long time, but he is a strong- willed boy who came out of the tragedy and is doing well”, his mother tells with a proud smile.