12-year old Diva spent many birthdays without her father; something she is regretful about. Her father was always away at his duty station for the most part of the year, and on every birthday he would promise to be by her side on the next one. He kept his word finally, she told us; on her 10th birthday he came home to celebrate with her and that was the last birthday they spent together.

Diva studies in 8th grade in a school close by and likes to participate in school activities; “The constant shifting from one place to the other affected Diva and her sister’s studies a lot, they were under emotional trauma which was compounded by taunts from relatives”, her mother said as she offered us milky tea. Finally now their life is becoming normal and the children are slowly overcoming their sorrow.

Though Diva attends a Hindi medium school she enjoys every bit of her studies (barring Sanskrit, a subject she doesn’t like). “Maths and computer classes are my favourites, I also like to make experiments in science laboratories”, she said happily when asked about her school. “I love to play KhoKho with my friends a lot”. She is looking forward to joining an English medium school from next year.

The brave young girl wants to tread her martyred father’s footsteps and join SSB (SashastraSeemaBal) to serve the nation. She is very proud of what her father did for his countrymen and she aspires to do the same. “His life taught me to live for the greater cause of the nation. Although we couldn’t spend a lot of time together I am proud of what he has done”, she said with a proud smile. Her goal is to serve the nation and to give her mother a happy and comfortable life. “She has done a lot for us and I want to give back however I can”, she concluded and hugged her mother. Diva is a positive and spirited young girl and we are sure she will achieve her goals!