DINESH is not your usual 19-year old boy. He used to be, until his father was martyred recently. He was preparing for his 12th exams when the news struck and his life has since been topsy-turvy.

And why not, being the eldest of his siblings he has the responsibility of becoming the man of the family at a time when he should be accelerating towards his goals with undivided focus.

His daily routine since a few months has been somewhat like this: When most of his friends are still in bed he is up feeding the cows and looking after the farm, then he goes to Government offices to take care of his late father’s pension documents, looks after the medication of his mother who often doesn’t keep well, and when he sleeps he does so fully aware that he is now the custodian of the family. Studies took a backseat for a while.

He was unprepared for this new role. “When the news of Papa came I was studying. I was in 12th standard and my goal was to do well to make him proud”. But since the tragedy his studies have been naturally affected, and could only join regular classes from October ’17.

“I could have done better in my exams but until October ’17 I was busy with paper work with not much time. My mother cannot read or write and being the eldest my family looks upto me for such important matters”, he says with pride and a sense of grief.

The good news is that he will soon start his training in the Police Division of his state, and even better news is his resolve to do his Bachelors via correspondence. It is will be an uphill task to manage both but DINESH is confident.

“Papa wanted me to join the high ranks of Police and that is only possible through further studies. While he was alive he gave us all the comforts to study and now with him gone it is my duty to strive for his dreams”, DINESH puts in positively.

The family is trying to make ends meet through the money the Government gave, but until DINESH’s father’s pension comes finances are a big worry, reason why he has to temporarily give up on his formal education.

But his present goal to successfully complete his police force training is clear and for that he regularly runs to stay fit and build stamina.

In an age as young as nineteen, DINESH has already understood what it means to sacrifice and protect, and he doing all that and more with his eyes stead fast on his goals. He’s a son of a brave heart soldier after all!