Talent grows where it is seeded and nurtured. On our recent visit to a tiny town in Tripura, we had the pleasure of meeting the very talented Amrita who is ten years old and sings like a dream.

Music runs in her family and it is probably what gave them the courage to face life when her father was martyred. Amrita, her mother and two elder sisters survive the martyr. The news of his martyrdom came heavily on the family, and especially on Amrita’s mother whose emotional trauma was compounded by financial instability.

“Life felt like a nightmare after my husband died, but I tried my best to keep my daughters’ morale high. It wasn’t easy, but my girls are understanding and together we fought back the bad times“, Amrita’s mother told us wiping tears off her cheeks. She is the reason behind the family’s spirit.

Thanks to her strong will Amrita is today out of her bereavement and building dreams for a bright future. She is a happy and lively child who studies in 4th grade and is popular for her singing skills. She was happy to tell us about her love for it.

“I want to grow up and become a singer and get selected in singing competitions“, she said with gusto. The child has been professionally learning music since 3 – 4 years.

It was her father who saw the potential in her and enrolled her in a music school. When asked about him she admitted that she misses him a lot; being the youngest daughter he pampered her to no end. Amrita is certain that he loved her more than her sisters!

She studies in a Government school – which according to our survey is wanting of an infrastructural upgrade – but that hasn’t stopped Amrita from doing well in studies and participating in school activities. She is popular amongst her peers and adored by teachers. But her mother wants Amrita to attend a school with better opportunities when their financial condition gets better.

“It was my husband’s dream to see our daughters succeed in life“, Amrita’s mother told us adding that though her in-laws are unsatisfied that she bore them no son, she is determined to enable them to achieve their dreams. Her husband was inspired by the homegrown world famous gymnast, Rupa Karmakar and wanted his daughters to follow their dreams to success.

Success does not have a gender, and Amrita’s mother’s focus on her daughters prove that when given the right opportunities everyone can succeed. There is resilience in the family that is leading them onto the right path. Life dealt them lemons but they are determined to make good lemonades out of them with their positivity and hopeful hearts.